Otherworldliness VO - Explore the Fantasy Video Game World

Otherworldliness VO - Explore the Fantasy Video Game World

special event
video game
Jul 31, 2023
06:30 pm - 09:30 pm Pacific
Karen Strassman

Karen Strassman



The fantasy video game world is a genre all of its own, and with the ever expanding popularity of this genre, it deserves to have a workshop all of its own.

Very often actors miss the mark in aiming for this distinctive universe. There are a lot of specifics involved In approaching the fantasy genre that make a world of difference in booking these kind of games.

We’ll address the elusive “mid Atlantic accent“, explore knights, elves, wizards, trolls, & dragons and we'll explore pacing, character, the sense of timelessness & otherworldlyness and much more…

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to find themselves palpably in this world, delighting the people who play these games as well as the people who cast and direct them…

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