British Accents & Performance w/ Karen Strassman - VIRTUAL

British Accents & Performance w/ Karen Strassman - VIRTUAL

May 13, 2024
06:30 pm - 09:30 pm Pacific
Karen Strassman

Karen Strassman



Taking your British accent to the next level.

Many actors struggle to recreate the sounds of a certain accent or dialect, applying the phonetics they learned or a certain “music” they’ve tried to imitate, only to feel that it doesn’t sound as authentic as they’d like,

or that they don’t have the freedom or confidence in auditions or performances.

Accents and dialects exist because, as little ones, we learn to speak with the specific muscle groups our parents and those around us use. So no matter how close you get to making the British sounds with your familiar muscle groups,

you can never really sound authentic until you learn to place the speech in the specific British instrument. Once you do that, speaking British and sustaining it becomes so much easier than you ever thought it would be! In this workshop,

Karen will help you learn how to find and use your British instrumentso that you will no longer be "trying to sound" British, but insteadwill be using your vocal instrument the same way the Brits do! This workshop is revelatory for many people

who seek to gain more proficiency and freedom with performance in British.

This workshop is 100% virtual!